Gender Imbalances

We must focus on people as people, regardless of race, creed, color or gender. Judge Mills Lane

Gender has become an issue in the current generation with several efforts taken to address it. Research works have also been done on the topic and the researchers have come up with various ideas some concurring with one another and other severely contradicting.

The notion that discrimination, discouragement, and other barriers popularly mentioned in discussions on gender imbalances are the only explanation causing inequality of sexes is doubtable. People develop their talents and personalities in response to their social milieu, which can change rapidly and not triggered by genes. Gender disparities can arise in the absence of discrimination as long as men and women differ, on average, in their mixture of talents, temperaments, and interests. The brains of men and women vary in terms of the receptors for sex hormones. This exaggerates or minimizes the typical male and female patterns in cognition and personality, the idea that some sex differences have biological roots cannot be ignored.

There is little evidence that gender differences in math abilities exist, or are relevant to the lack of advancement in women in science. Societal assumption that women are innately less able than men encourages gender inequality. Lack of self-confidence and willingness to admit the seriousness of discrimination in science is also a factor. For example women comparing their advancement with other women rather than men make women look inferior. There is no scientific evidence to support claims that women are innately competitive, less rational and more emotional than men.

As per the ideas proposed in the papers, I agree that gender inequality exists and has several causes some that have been discovered and others that are yet to be researched on. I believe that all of us are equal and so should be treated equally.