Forks over Knives

People all over the world are starting to feel more conscious about their health. That is why there is no wonder that there are so many programs, documentary, etc. on such an important topic as healthy lifestyle. I agree with the expression that we are what we eat. In the movie “Forks over Knives”, there are many examples of what results you may achieve if you will not be following the healthy lifestyle. Of course, they have shown the whole range of the negative influence that a person experiences when he or she eats “wrong” food, what diseases it may cause, and how large-scale the problem is.

“We have the growing problem and the one who are growing are us”. I could not disagree with this expression as many people all around the world suffer nowadays from the problem of obesity. As it was said in this documentary, many people search for the fast things these days. But they have no idea about the consequences of their unhealthy lifestyle. Diabetes, cancer, heart diseases are not the whole range of problems with the health that a person meets when he or she eats refined, processed, or animal based food. However, personally I find this point of view too critical.

“Let the food be your medicine” is an expression that was said by Hippocrates. But at the same time, what for do people create so many temptations in the form of food if they perfectly understand the whole damage it may cause to their health? It is not understandable for me. Why should we suffer denying everything while we have an option? I would say “to eat or not to eat” this is the question. “Of course, we should choose to eat,” that would be the answer if someone asks me. It is not that I like eating very much. It is just that I see no sense in denying everything.

Needless to mention that they have shown some examples in the movie, when people who were feeling and looking great at the first blush, but had extra weight at the same time, appeared to be unhealthy after their thorough examination. And after these people started to eat healthy food and follow the main principles of the health lifestyle, they started to feel more energetic and also look better. Showing the real results that people achieve when following the healthy lifestyle and saying in theory that you should not eat this and should not do that would not have the same effect. That is why, on the one hand, it was interesting to find out more about the influence of food on our health and about those things that can be done so that a person could feel better and look better by eating the right food. Vegetable diet is what is propagandized in the documentary. “Understanding nutrition, applying nutrition, and watching the results” is the perfect idea for those people who want to live longer, look better, and enjoy their life. However, my point of view is that you should not restrict yourself from anything. “Do not overdo” would be a better piece of advice for me as I understand the importance of the health lifestyle, but, at the same time, I cannot resist numerous temptations that seduce us day by day. Eat whatever you want in small amounts as I do not know a person who would feel great being obliged to follow a strict diet when there are so many tasteful things around them. Finally, not always we have the sufficient amount of time and the desire to devote it to our health as we are used to get and make everything fast.