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Criminal justice and security system happens to be one of the largest industries in the United States of America. The historical development of the various law enforcement agencies and their jurisdiction has changed over the years in the years since the establishment of the first courts in the country. The law enforcement revolves around and tries to apply true methods of searching, arresting and interrogation that give individual rights. This essay will examine the various aspects of the criminal justice system and security including the objectives and challenges of law enforcement agencies, the roles of the federal, state, and local court systems, the objectives of the juvenile justice system, the roles of private security organizations with respect to both corporate and public protection and various solutions to the challenges that faces criminal justice organizations and security organizations.

Federal court system

This is sometimes referred to as the guardians of the constitution and they exist to fairly and impartially interpret and apply the laws, resolve the disputes and, most importantly protect the rights and liberties that are guaranteed by the constitution. These courts do not make the laws. It is the constitution that delegates making, amending and repealing the federal laws to the US congress (Government Printing Office)

State court system

The role of the state judiciary system is important to the operation of state government in general. These state courts interpret and apply state laws. They assist in resolving conflicts such as business disagreements and grievances that the citizens may have against each other. In addition, the state courts punish crimes that violate the state law. State courts are important because state most of the laws that affect the citizen on a daily basis are state and local laws and it is the responsibility of the state courts to interpret those laws.

Roles of the court systems with respect to public safety and civil rights

The courts interpret and apply the law when different parties are in dispute. In that way, courts take law out of the law books, and make it part of people’s lives. The courts apply the law to specific controversies that are brought before them. They resolve disputes between the individuals, companies and government unities.

Often, the courts are called on to uphold some limitations on the government. They protect against abuses by all government branches. They protect the minorities of various kinds from the majority, and protect the rights of citizens who are not able to protect themselves. They also embody the important notions of equal and fair

The employment relationship under the American law is highly regulated by a complex, system of statues, administrative regulations and the judicial precedent at the federal, state and also at local level. The federal and state laws affects all the aspects of employment such as payment of wages, hiring of workers, compensation of overtime, workplace and general employee safety and employee discipline. The court systems also interpret the in regard to employment based on gender, race, age, color and physical handicap (Government Printing Office).