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2013 Budweiser Super Bowl Ad — The Clydesdales: “Brotherhood”.  It is a short video clip, about 2 minutes duration. The famous beer company “Budweiser” has made a new ad of its product. The ad shows the history about a trainer and his foal. It is a touching video that describes the relation between the human and the animal. At first sight it is really difficult to say what this ad is about. It looks like a green peace video and the only thing that tells that the ad is about beer is a trailer. It arrives to pick up the horse and we see the image of “Budweiser” on it. During the last period of time there are no more any mentions, concerning the product.

This ad has been seen by the audience during the football championship break. This ad has become popular very fast and captured the Internet. The ad attracts attention on an emotional level. You watch this video and you have some good feelings. It is a lovely story and every time you see the “Budweiser” image, you remember the feelings and emotions you had. The designers of the ad used the method that influence on our unconscious. The potential buyer wants to buy the product every time he sees the “Budweiser” image.

The video does not contain text or other spoken information; it does not advertise the product directly or touts to buy its product. The designers use calm and restful music that indirectly influences on our perception of this video. They decided to pay a great attention to one of the strongest feeling – the friendship. Friendship is very important for people, but the friendship between animal and man is even more powerful. That was the right decision and that is why the ad has reached its goal.

The ad does not contain any direct recall to buy exactly this product because it is better than other or this product will make you better or bring you pleasure or joy. It does not peruses, or carry any information about the product. It just brings the idea and if the customer understands it, he wants to buy this product.  

There is no any word about service or product that explicitly describes it. The designers’ aim was to put the idea into the message. This message does not say implicitly about the product but it creates the atmosphere and emotional stimulation. The designers have created a scarcely perceptible connection between what you see in this ad and what it was created for. The ad message affects the emotions. There will probably no those who will not like this ad or this ad will not influence on the person at all. After the watching of this video clip you have an idea to buy the product because when you see it you remember this short nice story and you feel better.

The main characters are the trainer and the horse. The trainer embodies the best an ingredient of human character. He is attentive, kind and animal-friendly man. That is why he seems the ideal kind of human that can ever be. The horse symbolizes the animals and the trainer symbolizes the humanity. Their friendship is a harmony, a perfect world that everyone wants to see.

This ad will probably have a great affect on potential buyers. After the watching of this video clip you have good feelings and emotions. It is not a passing state; it is a permanent feeling that will not live you during long period of time.

The well-known product “Budweiser” does not need long and boring ad concerning its qualities or advantages. It is an old brand and the designers pay the more attention to the creation of a good video clip but not to the advertising of the product or showing its best sides. This media has been shown for the first time during the football championship break. It was a good idea because this ad have seen hundreds thousands of people. In the end of the video clip the designers proposed the viewers to choose the name for the foal that has been shown in it. No doubt it strongly influenced on viewers and everybody wanted to give a name for this cute creature.

As it was mentioned before the ad has been shown for the first time during the football championship. It has captured Internet very fast. On the company’s website visitors left a huge amount of massages, discussing this video clip. People were very touched by this new ad and many of them said that it caused tears on their eyes. You can easily find many downloads of this video on a famous web-site “YouTube”.   It was in ten top of the most viewed video on YouTube website. The “Budweiser” company has made a schedule and located it on its website. If you want to know where the tour takes place you can easily find necessary information.

The background music plays an important role in any ad. It is well-known that music affects our consciousness and can instinctively influence on our perception of information or making decision. In our case music makes the proper atmosphere that amplifies the state of our emotions and feelings. That is why many viewers consider this ad very soul-stirring. The designers have reached their goal; they could attract the people attention.

The ad stimulates you to buy the product even if you are not the great fan of it. There is a quite big contrast between what we see and what the company wants to advertise. It seems that there could be no any connection between these two different things. The first part of the scene took place in the stable. We see the story of growth of a little foal, until it becomes the big one. The second part of the video shows the festival in which this horse took part. During the ad we can see few times the image of “Budweiser”. First time it was a trailer, for the second time it was a bottle of beer, and the third time it was in the end during the festival. These symbols of the company were shown unassumingly but they could be unnoticed. The bright colors of “Budweiser” attract viewers’ attention to it. 

It is really hard to say what this ad is about when you see it for the first time. There is no distinctiveness of what is going to advertise. Nevertheless the human attraction is absolutely focused on what is going in this video clip. It is hard to say that this ad has some entertainment character. It is better to say that the ad has some ethic influence, a story that makes you ponder.

Many people are really like this new ad of Budweiser, they adore it. So, we can make a conclusion that the goal of the ad has been reached. People like it and there is a high level of probability that they buy this product. The receivers of the message have a great emotional state when they see this ad. It makes them feel better and that is why the receivers of the message want to buy the product. Every time they see it again they remember the ad and those emotions that it has caused.

The character of the message is quite complex. It does not give direct information; the goal of this ad is undetected till its end. The designers use bright colors to underline the product on the background of other things. The main principle this ad was created is symbols and emotions. They play the chief role in this ad. When the people watch this ad they trust it. They believe that it is a real story, especially when the designers ask to give your own variant of name to foal. The designers use a newborn foal in this ad, it was only 7 days. The receivers of the message like such stories and that is why they want to believe that it is true. It raises the chances that this ad will be trusted and in future will be bought.

This ad was created with a purpose to influence on consumer’s feelings. It influences immediate on customer’s choice and decision to buy the product. People admire of this kind of ad, they leave positive messages on official website of Budweiser Company. The ad brings joy, fun and pleasure. This ad was named as the most viewed Super Bowl XLVII ad. The 7-day-old Clydesdale foal was named Hope. This name was according to the online contest.

This video clip is relatively new one and there are no any claims on it, concerning its content. The newspaper did not wright anything bad about this video clip vice versa all the articles that are dedicated to this ad tell about the great job that Budweiser Company has made. If you search you can find few negative opinions in comments below the video in YouTube. Few people were troubled that the newborn foal has been shot in this video. They were concerned that it can badly influence on its young organism that is not strong enough yet. Nevertheless Budweiser Company ensures that they give all necessary care that the small foal need. During the shooting it was under control of specialists and nothing could go wrong. It was the only claim that has appeared in the Internet.

Here we have analyzed a good example of a product that influences people’s conscience and their choice. The designers have made the right decision; they decided to pay much attention not to the product but to the atmosphere. The product was always left on a background and was shown only few times. The attention of viewers was captured by the short story. This video clip does not include dialogs or appeals to buy exactly this product. Its goal was to show a nice story about the relation between trainer and animal. The background music makes the emotions that people feel stronger. This ad causes the best feelings; it even seems that its goal is to appeal people to love animals but not the ad of a beer.

This is a really good work of the company. They have done a masterpiece that touched people and increased the interest in this video clip and in such manner the interest of the product. The decision to give to people an opportunity to name the newborn foal gave the necessary concernment that was required. People started talking about this new ad and in this way the designer has reached their goal. The goal is to inform as much potential customers about their product as possible.  During the first 24 hours it was one of the most viewed ads in the internet.