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Research Methodology

How to Introduce Research Methodology into a Dissertation Presentation

A crucial element in any dissertation is the candidate's ability to effectively convey the methodologies that he/she has applied during the process of conducting the research aspects of the dissertation.

The simple constituents of the methodologies include:

  • A general overview of the questions that are being researched
  • A synopsis of the methodology and the approach used for the purpose of research as it relates to the dissertation.
  • The methods of acquisition of the data should be discussed along with a synopsis of the manner in which it would be classified.
  • The methodology should be detailed as to how it was applied to analysis of the data acquired
  • Unbiased conclusions drawn by the analysis

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The general layout of the research methodology should follow the set pattern:

  • The introduction of this chapter should contain the research problem
  • The discussion that follows should not be focused on the research questions; it should be focused on the used methods.
  • One may also include a discussion why other methodologies were not chosen.

Variables and Limitations Inherent in Research Methodology

Every chosen research method includes variables and limitations. It is necessary to include these in the methodology section of the research in order to ensure that the dissertation has, indeed, examined all aspects of the chosen methodology and knows the limitations of the methods that were chosen. All omitted methods must be recognized and explanations provided for why they were not used.

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