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In my opinion, intense adoption of sociological perspectives is dangerous. Sociological perspectives are standpoints of sociologists concerning life and the society. Intense adoption of these perspectives sometimes hinders independent, as well as communal thinking and acting. In addition, intense adoption of sociological perspectives results into creation of assumptions about human nature, which are necessarily not true. These assumptions interfere with our interpersonal relationships and understanding of societies. For example, intense adoption of the perspective that feminism entails advocating for social equality between men and women would create a perception that feminism or feminists fail to understand that, similar to the fact human beings are different, men and women are different and that each gender group has different strengths. However, this might not be necessarily true about feminism or every feminist.

While conducting research, especially applied social research, it is important for a researcher to have good understanding about the way of life of the people he/she is studying. This assists a researcher to avoid working with assumptions and creating biasness in his/her research. Applied social research requires use of facts and not on assumptions. This makes the results of such a research to be utilized to implement a real project in the concerned community. For example, assume a researcher studying about the high illiteracy levels among the aboriginals, and due to lack of good understanding about their way of life, states in the research that aboriginals value traditional form of education than modern education. This may not be true and can cause a project directed towards reduction of illiteracy levels among the aboriginals to incur more expenses as it tries to integrate traditional form of education into modern education curriculum.

Currently, the US does not have a formally declared national language. Many people feel that the government should declare English as the official language. This is because English language is the only language with the highest number of speakers in the US. More than 82 percent of the US population has good knowledge of the English language. One of the positive consequences of declaring English as the official language in the US is that many people would not have difficulties adopting the language, since the highest proportion of Americans speak English language. However, if English is declared the US official language, English is likely to be declared the official global business language. This is because of the high influence that the US plays in global affairs. If this happens, then other international languages such as French, Portuguese, and Spanish are likely to face extinction.

Family, school, peer groups, and mass media play vital roles in human development. Human beings undergo various states of development in their lives: childhood, adulthood, and old age. The basic social institution that contributes to human development is the family. Family contributes greatly to development of an individual during childhood. It is through a family where an individual learns basic activities such as walking, eating, speaking, and toileting. Schools contribute to human development through transferring knowledge, and helping an individual transit from childhood to adulthood. This is because this phase usually occurs when individuals are still in school. Peer groups contribute to human development through affecting the behaviors of its group members. On the other hand, mass media contributes to human development through provisions of all forms of information. It also contributes to human development through providing education about life and different aspects of life. These socialization agents usually convey the same lessons to people. For example, during childhood, children are made to understand the importance of respecting other people. The same thing is taught in schools, peer groups, and mass media.