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The role of women in family life has significantly shifted. In the past women were seen as housekeepers and mothers. Over the past century, in spite of this changing look of the role of women in the family, women still have  uphold the main responsibility of caring children and controlling the household (Candace, Bose & Sharon, 1998). This prime responsibility for the household and children has been totally maintained regardless of whether a woman is single or married.  Women are still the helpful providers and nurturer of the children, the comforter of the crying young one.

Today, woman have the choice and ability to live their own lives, own property and businesses, get involved in decision making, become what they had always admired or simply they can now be able to balance their career and family activities. Hales (1999) if women put in the effort they will be able to accomplish all that a man can achieve, and even more.

Today women’s education has made a progress unlike the past where the education to girls was limited. A woman was given the role of a housewife. Females learnt about nurturing and playing with younger brothers and sisters. From this the girls could only see as if future was only based on giving birth and raising families. In recent years it was realized that there was need of a girl child to complete education. Good education helps women not only gain self improvement but also expand vision and increases exposure. The women literacy levels have generally decreased, as more and more females were able to go to school to get knowledge (Candace, Bose & Sharon, 1998).Thus, women can suit entirely in fields such as communication, administration, logistics, information collection, all of which are very important in today’s world. Women have been from housewives to exceptional professionals who have impacted on the society.

Secondly, women are now becoming ever more admired in the economic sector. In the past many years, the jobs of women concentrated more the lower level of technology where the income and wages was very low. This was a wide spread observable fact in the world as there was low education levels and inequality among the females. However, current economy is not only a power-equipped but also a mix of diverse departments to women. In today’s world   women have become independent than ever before, as they are deeply trying to gain equal roles and rights to those of men. With the advancement in technology and social improvement, female have are continuing to become more challenging to the economic sector (Candace, Bose & Sharon, 1998). A lot of the women commerce enterprises are now competing with those of women. Moreover, their ability of teamwork and communication of women have been considered to be sensitive to those of men.  Due to this fact, many women have proven to make a big contribution the top market positions.  James (2003) states that global business and social development have greatly demonstrated the women’s striving spirit in their roles. In much of the advancing world women are now as learned as men, for example in the United States women have started outnumbering males in the universities.  Female employees have also been found to have firm belief that they are really good and they can deliver satisfactory job despite all the challenges. As many changes take place today in our society, the role of a woman is also progressively changing. Many of the women are postponing their marriages so as to take on their personal professions.

However, there is no doubt that in today's world, women in many aspects have not yet accomplished fully equal right with men. Different contributing issues can be identified, among which are, traditions, history, traditions and people’s concept. Some people who affirm that men are more superior to women in diverse ways. They assert that females should stay at home and enjoy the family life.  James (2003) “In their eyes, we were pets or parasites, objects of desire or disgust vanity’s name or hell’s fury, the eternal ‘other.’ ” First, many activities men do can barely be done by women, who are not physically strong enough. Second, several world-famous statesmen are found to be males.


In the non-existence of the man, a woman can act as a man. For instance today women are capable of carrying out finance and decision making in the households, but they cannot be perfect to men. If we look at an example of a family with a wife who tries to behave like a man, we find ourselves in a situation where the roles have become different today.   Any man, no matter how talented or untalented he is has a given ability to prove he is the MAN” in the family. And for the wife to take over the position of the man there will unrest in the family. This may not be realized at first but at a later stage it will be evident.

Society has set woman and man apart from each other by labeling them. It is ordinary for men to be seen to be strong compared to women, women are seen as week. The culture defines that a woman cannot carry out most jobs men do; such as policemen, firefighter etc, and if women do these work, culture looks them negatively because these jobs are supposed to be done by men (Magarey, 2001). Furthermore, culture defines a woman as a perceptive person; in order to get these jobs, one has to be tough and aggressive.