Modern Women

In the past many decades, the position of women has been significantly improved. People’s notion and concept towards women has also changed radically. The general meaning of women’s role is a part of duties assumed or unspoken in life. Today, women roles have become of significant part in modern society. Many of the women are now taking career profession, such as law, engineering and medicine. Women numbers working in businesses and industries has increased significantly over the years.  Consequently, they are now working in some of the important positions which previously occupied by men. It is now clear that women are making outstanding contrition to the progress of the society in general unlike the past days when the used to concentrate in the family unit only.

Women role’s in the family's have diversely changed and improved in recent years for example in family finance management, family decision-making, and so on. In the present world women’s social status is determined by the status and career of the family. A family role is a most significant one in daily life. Traditionally men were considered to be the breadwinners in the family and decision makers and a woman was looked as a homemaker who main role was parenting.  However, with the society development and enhancement, women have greatly reduced their dependence on men. For instance, almost half of American households, women earn almost equally to their spouses. As women’s education and employment opportunities increase in the society, women have attained equal rights to men at home, as they now earn their own income…..this has also led increase in independence and more freedom ; making them to be in control of their finances e.g. women can now save and invest for their children in  future.

Women are concerned with the improvement of their own rank. Women are now fighting for their rights and are gradually participating and progressing in activities that they were not allowed to get involved before. The women's rights pressure group is a good example of how women have come across very strongly, to fight for their economical, social and political status. A women's role has changed enormously and is making its supreme impact in our society today. Many years ago, women's contribution to society was narrowed and controlled by men. Women are now standing tall and are participating in major roles in many crucial areas. Women's role has greatly changed at an accelerating rate. For example, women have attained power and have been growing in political office.