Parenting by Choice

According to Kail and Cavanaugh, the issue of marriage and parenting has taken different paths (401). Unlike in the past where marriage and children would follow each other like seasons, nowadays, newly married couples spend a lot time before they start getting children. In fact, in modern day marriages, people do not get marriage for the sake of having children together, among other reasons. Young people get married to each other for other reasons such as companionship, exploring their sexuality, and have fun together.

Kail and Cavanaugh state that research findings indicate that many young couples do not think about children whenever they are planning to get married (401). In many cases, when young couples marry, most of them avoid having a child at all cost during the first few years of their marriage. When they finally decide to have children, they engage in a decision making process. Both of them have to agree about having a child. Kail and Cavanaugh state that making a decision concerning having a child can cause marital problems if it is made by only one partner. This is because of the financial and commitment implications that arise when a couple bears a child. This provides evidence that young couples make considerable choices about having children. Below is a list of questions that young couples should ask themselves when making decisions concerning having children.