American Experience

The great nation futurity is an article by John O’Sullivan and is focused on the democratic viewpoints of the inhabitants of the America continent. This article is a naturalistic reflection God, the democracy and the republic equally stipulated that the American people to press on the western side. They were supposed to settle and democratize this area. Therefore, this is an implication that it was the destiny of the Americans to overspread the continent selected to them by luck for the free advancing of the growing population of Americans. This brought about the term manifest destiny that was applied in the entire 19th century as a justification for the possession of the land from the Pacific Ocean and past. The article states that it is the destiny of America for better deeds. Memorial of the Cherokee Nation is another article that discusses the significance of the natives and whites right to settlement in the American land (Michael 23).

The memorial of the Cherokee nation is another article that illustrates the relationship of the American land to the natives and the whites. Cherokee in this article states that these people believe that the almighty God will make every man in the land of America equal and comfortable. Americans claim that they were given the land by the red man on a clean deal. At that time, the Indian was the lord and the white man was the beggar. However, the situation reversed (Michael 34).

The above two articles are general arguments about the relationship of the white man to the American land. Most of the Americans state that it was their destiny to settle at this land. They claim that the land on which they stand as given to them for their fore fathers who owned the land since time immemorial. However, there is a little truth to these allegations as it is clear that the white man was welcomed to the American soil by the red man, the white man took advantage of the Indian’s kindness and arrogance and displaced them.