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People are different and this law functions always and everywhere. They have distinct color of eyes and hair, various beliefs and outlook. Nevertheless, they have a common factor, which has influenced their souls and minds – childhood. It is a very intimate and sensual part of every person’s life. One may tell many touchable stories about childhood. If you want to become closely acquainted with somebody, ask him or her about the times of the childish age. I believe that childhood is a basic determinative element, which has an effect on further adult life.

I am sure that our traits depend on the experience. There are numerous psychological studies, directed to the research of people’s childhood. Most of the psychologists try to find out the reasons of patients’ problems in these patients’ childhood. Kim-Cohen et al (2003) suggested “If most adults with mental disorders are found to have a juvenile psychiatric history, this would shift etiologic research and prevention policy to focus more on childhood mental disorders”. Some adult disorders grow into the soil of child worries, though it may be hardly predicted. Depression in early adulthood may be caused by anxiety in childhood.

Moreover, the person is formed by 5 years old. But some scientists suggest that personality is generally composed by 3 years old. Everything that the person masters after this period is only demonstrating what kind of abilities he or she has developed. For example, as Caspi et al. insists, “Some forms of adult psychopathologics  abnormality are meaningfully linked, albeit weakly, to behavioral differences  observed among children in the third year of life” (1996). That is why the upbringing is so considerable. Children have impressing and inspiring abilities in memorizing of every detail, which seems to be unimportant for adults. Children may be truly called “tabula rasa”, even though they learn much faster than adults do.  I only get amazed observing a child who makes thousands of discoveries every day. 

The child’s early years are the ground of further person’s development. I would not insist on the importance of parents’ impact on children’s destiny, had I not felt it on my own cost. I am more than sure that parents are the most important people in the life of everyone.

The most valuable thing that parents can give for their children is love. My parents have kindled the flame of love in my soul. I have never believed in existence of a perpetual motion machine, but I hope this flame will always be burning and giving comfort to other people forever.

When I was a child, I was surrounded by my parents who became wise, experienced, kind and intelligent advisors. They were uprising me as a decent person, respecting the interests of other people. Thanks to them I have learnt the rules which have become my life guideline. The life with love of Allah, admitting Him the creator, obeying Him and giving my life under Hiss has always helped me to pull through all the difficulties that have happened on my way. I was a center of attention and care in my family. Parents have just let me become a person I was destined to become. They natured me with the devotion to my family and Motherland. I have been supported for twenty-four-hour, and now I am a self-sufficient person.  They also have been carrying about my spiritual development; they raised me according to the rules of morality and universal values.

To conclude, I think that childhood really influences future life of every person. Family plays a key role in forming of sterling personality. I appreciate the contributions of my parents and want everybody to feel the love and care that I have been feeling all my life.