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Positions abroad, taking into account the liabilities, should be regarded as privileged work. So, in addition to standard labor guaranties, such as formal employment, insurance, and travel costs, the benefits package is to be provided. They need to be included in the draft contract and you have to make sure that an employee understands the terms and under what he or she endorsed. It’s important to determine mutual obligations (Salees, 2010).

You have to assure your future employees that they get the full refund of the activities abroad. This should include the cost of visas and other documents, tickets, full payment of housing and daily expenses. Moreover, you should provide them with a free card for international calls. If your company expands business to the tropical country, provide free vaccinations for your employees.  

Controversial occupation will be more attractive, if you provide your potential employees with free pre-job education before the departure. These may be specific courses or the internship for a similar position in your company. This will make them confident in their desire to accept your offer. If it is necessary, they should have the diploma to prove their qualification, in addition to their current experience (Hasky, 2012).

An adequate incentive is to promise the employment in the company after one returns from abroad, with conditions not worse than in the other country. It is of vital importance to stipulate duration of staying abroad and the possibility of extending these terms in the contract. If the key objection is concerned with the family issue, you will have to find the way to resident them abroad.

Insurance should cover the different circumstances. It must be valid for the period of an employee’s staying in another country and deducted under the laws of your state to avoid possible problems and misunderstandings. This should be made clear to employees that you hire them and provide company protection.