Gulf Bank CSR

Gulf bank has been actively involved in various corporate social responsibility activities over the past years. The bank is committed to corporate responsibility. This is where it continues to contribute to economic development while improving taking care of the wellbeing of different stakeholders. For instance, it considers the standards of life of its employees. It also takes care of the local community. This time the bank will hold a carnival, which could be attended by everyone. The bank will channel all proceeds from the carnival towards people with unique needs, namely with mental disorders, autism and ablepsia. The carnivals are fundamentally joyous events where all people come together for a cultural pastime: numerous concerts, performances, and contests for all people including children are held here. However, this carnival will not only raise money for people with special needs, but it will be a great possibility for such people to mingle with others and showcase their talents.

The reason we choose this project is to sensitize the society on the issues of people with special needs. This is quite a new approach for the bank, and it should come out perfectly. People with special needs have somehow been isolated from the other members of society. In some places, we find that there are schools for only people with such special needs, and when they are around healthy people they even feel stigmatized. This is an appropriate avenue for people to engage and appreciate them. It is essential for the company’s image too. Considering this is a weeklong carnival, the bank will use the event as an opportunity to create awareness.

This project fits in both internal and external business environment. External environment are g factors outside the business which may affect its operations. They will be most affected by this project. Gulf bank’s business environment, particularly the external one, will receive a considerable boost from the carnival. The carnival will join all people including those who do business with the bank such as their customers, suppliers and even competitors. All of them will have fun from a noble cause of Gulf Bank. Gulf bank’s business environment has been perfect, both the internal and external factors considered. The project will come in handy.

The project will be under the public relations department. This department performs a number of duties that aim at selling a better image of the company to the public. The department builds credibility among the target market. Other functions of the department include media representation, crisis management, stakeholder relations as well as social media management. The department has enough capable event planners who will start working on this project as early as possible. The stuff will do a research about people with special needs. They will even engage some people with special needs or organizations that deal with them so that the planning will be effective. The occasion is closely connected with ethical issues. The organizers will look through all potential problems of the carnival the week before the event. The carnival should be able to convey to the public the plight of people with special needs.

The STEEPLE model deals with the external factors affecting a business. It refers to the social, technological, environmental, economical, political, legal, and ethical aspects of the macro business environment. The first part of the analysis is the social aspect, which refers to the culture, attitude of the people, family, lifestyle, education, marriage and so forth. The carnival will take place in a social context, so it is necessary to analyze this aspect to make sure that it enlists public support. The organizational plan of the carnival should envisage that people will not litter the environment. For this purpose there will be put dustbins everywhere and regular cleaning will be provided. Proper sanitation portrays an excellent image. This image helps to advertise the company to potential clients. The technological environment with its vast services will come in handy during the carnival. There will be activities such as selling of the carnival tickets and promoting the carnival itself among local inhabitants. The media also informs people about the event. Facebook and Twitter are social networking services that can help in this case. The company is up to date on technology; carnival events will be on the company’s website as well as on Twitter and Facebook pages.

The economic environment is also crucial to the carnival. The main aim of the carnival is to raise money to help people with disabilities. The carnival tickets will be affordable so that most people will come. The company will do some market analysis. This analysis will study the events charges in connection with the economic conditions of the public.

Legal requirements are extremely strict. They have to be followed by every person. Considering that the bank is a legal entity, it has to obtain permission from the local authorities before even planning the whole event. The authorities provide security for the carnival. Lastly ethical issues could fail the whole business even in the process of a corporate social event. The issues of social and moral concern could be sometimes considered wrong by the public. The bank needs to refrain from making the carnival just around the bank; it should deal more with the entertainments and the issues of people with unique needs. The company should also avoid reckless utterances that might put the company in an unpleasant situation.