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1. Please find a web hunt and share how you might use it. What are the merits of an internet scavenger hunt (or a web hunt)?

A good example of a web hunt is This scavenger hunt can be used to find all the details about whales. It can be used to investigate all the characteristics of whales and their mannerisms. The characteristics of whales and their descriptions are offered here. They are therefore very useful in a thorough description of the case they are used to investigate.

Some of the advantages are that web hunts provide a wide range of options for the issue being investigated. In this case, one can be able to come up with the best answer in the context of the question being investigated.

Another advantage is that they are easy to use because they provide all the options on the same page. They also give a brief introduction of the issue under investigation so that one would click on the most relevant answer. One is also given a URL to use to find the answers to the questions they wish to answer.Web hunt is a very effective way of introducing students to the best sites for certain tasks they get in class.

2. Please find a WebQuest for a unit that is part of your curriculum. Please share your pros and cons about this resource.

While learning about WebQuests, we can use animal kingdom. The following URL provides an example of a WebQuest.

The pros of the use of WebQuests are that they are very enjoyable to use. They provide a very interactive forum while at the same time they are effective in facilitating learning for people at a lower level.

Another pro is that they provide detailed information on the areas that one needs to learn while all URLs to guide a person to get the correct answers are provided.

The cons are that they may not sound very serious to use in advanced levels. People at university and masters levels may find them more suitable for children. For example, the above mentioned URL has many childish figures that may lower ones confidence on quality while using the site.