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An ecosystem is a biological system composed of both living and non-living organisms. There is always an interaction between these organisms as they live in the ecosystem.


The natural ecosystem can be deemed as dynamic. The system is dynamic because it keeps on changing as living things adapt to the environment that is essential to the provision of different resources. According to File, Incorporated, Day, Allaby, & Moore (2008), the system keeps on varying because of weather changes and increase in population, which exert pressure on the limited resources that are available. This forces living organisms to adjust appropriately through migrations and better utilization of natural resources.

The system is resilience. It is resilient in the sense that it can be restored to its initial state after destruction or depletion. The process of resilience takes place through natural processes in the ecosystem. Matson, Vitousek, & Chapin (2011) assert that the ecosystem has the potential to restore itself to its initial position if enough time is provided for the destroyed area to replenish.

The extent of the system is limited. It has boundaries that are supposed to be observed accordingly. This restricts interference in the affairs of other ecosystems in the surrounding areas.

Several characteristics make the ecosystem an open system. Firstly, there is interaction between the living organisms in the ecosystem. Living organisms including human and animals interact in several ways. Human beings depend on some animals and even plants for food. Most of the organisms cannot live without each other hence promoting continued interactions.

Secondly, there is an interaction between the organisms and the environment. The organisms within the ecosystem continuously interact with their environment from where they obtain resources hence making it an open system.


In conclusion, an ecosystem is a biological unit that is composed of both living and non-living organisms that interact among themselves and the environment.