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Bluetooth is a technology that facilitates the connectivity of two devices. It should be noted that the technology connects despite a line-of-sight positioning regarding the connected units. The technology is ubiquitous in current technologies such as iPads and laptops as it is an advanced form of connectivity adopted from the existing wireless LANsystems. As a consultant of Fine Networking Technologies, I have background information regarding the technology. Thus, I am going to explicate how Bluetooth technology functions in various gadgets such as radio and phones, using a unique address, automatic formation of network, and baseband protocol.

Firstly, Harte (2004) points out that Bluetooth facilitates the transmission of information. Bluetooth facilitates communication through embedding short-range transceivers that are tiny and inexpensive. According to Jose (2000), the 2.45 GHz radio band, which is available globally, facilitates this; thus, no hindrances abound to people with Bluetooth-enabled equipment. In addition, the fact that the equipment supports data speeds of up to 721 Kbps and three voice channels facilitates the working of the technology. Thus, it should be noted that the Bluetooth technology could be inbuilt or attached on a device that makes it portability and operation easier.

Secondly, Bluetooth operates using a unique address. The unique 48-bit address facilitates the connections between two or more gadgets that are Bluetooth enabled. A research by Trautschold, Mazo, and Ritchie (2011) intimates that there is a need for the unique address as it ensures that there is no radio interference, because it facilitates an arbitral change of frequency to 1600 times per second. Prabhu and Reddi (2006) assert that this explains why the Bluetooth technology has a built-in encryption and verification.

Lastly, Bluetooth works via an automated means of forming a connection. According to Tranter (2001), when Bluetooth devices are within the range of each other, a communication automatically occurs between them for determining whether they should share data or whether one should act as the control between the two. Thus, a network forms immediately a conversation between the devices. This is facilitated by Piconet, which enables the random hopping of frequencies so that the devices stay in touch.

In conclusion, the Bluetooth device works using an advanced wireless connection, which facilitates the transmission of data, using a unique 48-bit address. Before the data or communication takes place, the Bluetooth devices have to pair using Piconet that ensures that the link is not terminated. Thus, this is why most people nowadays prefer technologies that are Bluetooth enabled because they are cheap and enable easier transfer of data from one device to another. As a techno-savvy, I can predict more enhancements in the Bluetooth technology with advanced features, and I hope, you will embrace the technology because it does not have any health effects.