Logic Model Design of Macdonalds






So as to accomplish the desired objectives the following resources are essential

So as to ensure success the following activities will be undertaken

The activities are expected to lead to result in the following improvements in service delivery

The accomplishment of all these activities ill result into tangible 3 year and 5 year realization of goals

If these activities are accomplished it is expected to have the following impact in seven years time

A diversified and confident management board

Endorsement from the caterer’s and hospitality practitioners board

More defined job descriptions for management and employees

Profit ploughed back

Leased premises

Cheap student labor


Find a replacement for the departed general manager

Advertise more aggressively ion the different media

Enhance employee involvement and participation

Create a process for evaluating progress made

Formulate and enforce a public relations policy

Enforce a better financial management system

An increase in the number of clients in all the outlets

Better reviews on peer reviewed journals

Better working relationships between the management and employees

Less time wastage and enhanced efficiency

Better financial management

Reduction in operating costs

Better client relations

Better problem detection and management systems

Diversification and recruitment of the best management team in the industry

Revamping of attitudes towards the company

Increase in the number of positive reviews from both clients and peer reviewed journals

Improvement in efficiency


Enhancing the dominance of the company in the industry

Cementing its position as the best company in the provision of quality service

Sustainable and steady increase in profitability and efficiency

Sustained improvement in client satisfaction rates

Acquisition of permanent premises for the company

Improved budgetary policies that increase efficiency by up to 30%