Statistics and Studies

The article title is “The Shocking Truth for Thirty Percent of Divorced Women” written by Jennifer Gauvain. The author who is a licensed clinical social worker claims that 30% of women who get divorced have similar circumstances in their relationships which resulted into divorce. The author further goes to make the claim that 30% of the women who get divorced know that their marriages are not going to last (Gauvain, 2012). While her word as a licensed clinical social worker carry some weight, this is unbelievable since no logical person would enter into a relationship that is doomed from the beginning. She goes ahead to claim that she has worked with thousands of women and has proved that thirty percent of them entered into relationships which they knew were doomed from the beginning (Gauvain, 2012). It has to be said that this research is usually influenced by human biases and misconceptions, and people may inflate or deflate numbers according to preconceived notions.

What is even more disturbing, such an article made it to the pages of a major news magazine such as the Huffington Post. The article could be deemed as a potential topic for conversation and is not qualified as a newsworthy item. The article would be more appropriate in such forum as talk show rather than feature as a news item. The appearance of such an article is, however, an important pointer to the media’s appetite for controversy. Such an outrageous study would certainly result into a lot of discussion and controversy which would be a good publicity for the media. The article may also be deemed to be newsworthy or not according to the demography that is being targeted by the given media. For the Huffington Post, which targets a mainly liberal audience this is not a newsworthy item since it would hardly cause a stir among its liberal readers.