Forgiveness is a process of doing away with fury, annoyance, bitterness and anger that had been caused by a perceived offense, a mistake, and other differences and stopping to demand punishment. When you forgive you forget, it is as though what happened to cause the furry never occurred. The website provides numerous links and information about forgiveness. There are very useful, interesting and surprising ideas that can be very useful to many people (Wilson).

First, forgiveness is not excusing anyone neither is it condoning bad behavior, mistakes or wrong deeds.  Forgiving someone not only releases the person form a feeling of guilt but also gives them a chance to make correction on what they did wrong. This is contrary to what most people believe that forgiveness primarily meant for the forgiver. Though the forgiver gets of the burden carrying around hatred and rage where as to the forgiven it relieves him/her the feeling of guilt.

Forgiveness, however, is not a not a token to be given to wrong doers. Forgiveness has various conditions that contribute to making it a process. Those who require forgiveness have to repent or ask to be forgiven. It would be ridiculous if people commit offenses were to be forgiven without meeting specific conditions. Such condition serves as a commitment by those being forgiven never to repeat what they did. Therefore, apology becomes the first step took by a person who wants forgiveness to seek indulgence with the forgiver. He or she promises never to repeat the mistakes and forgiver takes the apology into consideration thus forgiving the aggressor.

However, forgiveness does not always mean that the forgiver and the forgiven will have to reconcile. Furthermore, some people may find some action difficult to forgive. For instance, some people may find forgiving deeds such as those Hitler did very difficulty.

Certainly, forgiveness is important. However, can not be given to people like a token. The offender has to apologize and assure the forgiver that what happened will never happen again. This does not guarantee forgives though and reconciliation may be hard to come by as well even when forgiveness is given. However, it is always better to forgive since forgiveness has benefits to both the forgiver and the forgiven.