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Food insecurity refers to a situation where most of the individuals in a particular area do not have physical and economic access to adequate amounts of safe, nutritious, and culturally acceptable foods. This means that the authorities do not plan effectively food supply and availability hence leading to food inadequacy. Food insecurity is undesirable because it leads to immense suffering among individuals, as there are inadequate food reserves to cater for their needs. Health standards and the living standards decline because of food insecurity hence worsening the entire conditions of the society. Thus, this essay explicates food insecurity in San Diego and the possible solutions to the food insecurity problem.

San Diegans have experienced acute food insecurity especially after the onset of the recession.  Many San Diegans have lost jobs, and food banks have reported increased demands in the existing few reserves (Advocates 10). This has put pressure on the reserves hence making them inadequate for all residents. A study conducted indicates that the County has been unable to meet the food requirements of most citizens hence hardening the living conditions. Food insecurity in the County is measured in terms of individuals who do not access meals in each given day. Thus, the living conditions among most San Diegans have declined due to food insecurity. The food stores have experienced pressure, as most individuals demand more food resources. Most food stores have been closed due to lack of food making it difficult to distribute the food requirements to citizens. Residents have been subjected to hunger and few meals that are not even sufficient to satisfy their feeding habits. Babu and Sanyal point out that hunger has been the order of the day especially among poor individuals, and authorities have been blamed for poor planning of food security (140).

Food insecurity in San Diego is a problem because it has led to immense suffering among most individuals. It has limited the number of meals an individual can access each day and has drastically lowered the living standards among most citizens. Hunger is the order of the day and individuals are not living to the expected living standards. In addition, food insecurity is a problem because it has led to depletion of most of the food resources in the County hence making it difficult for individuals to access the food that is essential for life. In fact, food insecurity has led to excessive losses of finances among most individuals as they seek foods from other areas. Individuals are forced to move to other neighboring areas outside the County in order to acquire necessary foods. Food insecurity is also a problem because it has contributed to the retrenchment of most individuals from their jobs. This has increased sufferings among individuals as financial resources drastically decline.  It is a problem because it has led to migrations of individuals out of the County in search of secure places. People want to stay in areas that they would have physical and economical access to food.

Solutions to this problem would include adoption of proper plans and policies relating to food security.  The existing authorities in the County should take effective measures that would ensure that there is always adequate food for the occupants. This would be done through implementation of proper plans that would help in ensuring that food is always available. The policies to be taken into consideration would include issues such as the minimum food reserves that could be maintained at any given time. This policy would ensure that food banks use the available food reserves cautiously and ensure that they are not depleted. Maintenance of minimum food requirements would ensure that there is food supply among individuals throughout the year. Thus, the formulation of appropriate policies and setting of effective plans would help the County solve the problem. Planning would involve the adoption of measures to deal with fraudulent activities that drain the food banks (Aceves 11). Planning would ensure that all the unfavorable conditions exposing the County to food shortages are dealt with before individuals suffer hunger.

Another vital solution is increasing productivity in the County. Productivity refers to the amount of output that is produced in the County. The County would be safer and would not be exposed to food insecurity in case food production is increased. The production of foods would be increased through measures such as support of the farming activities. Tayie and University indicate that fertilizers that boost bumper harvests must be supplied to farmers in order to ensure that they get the best produce out of their firms (77). Prices of farm implements should also be lowered in order to ensure that poor farmers are able to produce adequately. In line with promoting bumper harvest, proper food banks should be put in place hence promoting storage of larger amounts of foods, which boosts food security.

The best solution to the problem is the encouragement of increased productivity. Increase in the levels of production would ensure that there is an adequate food supply in the entire County across the year. It would be boosted by the provision of favorable conditions and support to farmers. Support is seen in terms of subsidies and financial support.

In conclusion, food insecurity refers to a situation where individuals are not in a position to physically and economically access food in a particular region. This situation arises when the food banks are depleted hence leading to increased hunger among members. Thus, food insecurity leads to immense suffering among individuals, as they have to survive on lesser meals. San Diego has suffered food insecurity resulting in the excessive suffering of residents. Food insecurity is a problem because it has led to increased hunger among San Diego residents. This has even led to the retrenchment of other residents. The solution to this problem is the formulation of appropriate policies and plans plus encouraging increased production among residents hence ensuring continued food production.