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Dogs and cants are two distinct characters. This distinction has even been used by people who classify themselves either as a dog person or a cat person. The clear comparison that exists between a dog and a cat is that they are the most favorite pets all around the world. Most people why try to get pet mostly consider buying a dog or a cat.  However, the two have numerous differences that any one who plan to have either of them or both of them must know.

Dogs are social creatures while cat are more independent. For instance, when you return home, a dog will come running to you with its tongue stuck out. Contrary to this, a cat will stay in its cushion appearing not to have noticed your arrival. This has made many people consider cats to be cold at hear which is not the case. Although, it may seem indifferent, cats are affectionate and love you just the way other pets do.  They are not solitude creature the way people think them to be and show affection when they feel like.

Cats are also very terrestrial. They blend with their surrounding and the people in these surroundings. On the other hand dogs like people.   Dogs get attached to their owners if taken to a new environment they will feel good as long as their owner is around, cats on the other had feel anxious and even scared if taken to new environments.

When it comes to training, dogs are easily trained by being rewarded for every action and being show affection.  Cats on the other hand are difficult to teach and may take weeks to learn what takes dogs hours to grasp. Showing a dog anger and hitting it gently may make it quit behavior. It is however, difficult to discipline a cat at the slightest sense of anger it will run away to avoid punishment.

Despite the difference cats and dogs make good pets. They are a suitable addition to the family. They can be taught to be part of the family and behave appropriates. Furthermore, they require proper attention and care just like every other member of the family. Although they exhibit their conflicting traits the both remain the most amiable and loving pets.